Write a reply Letter, expressing your inability to attend the function.

You have received an invitation from your friend requesting you to attend his sister’s marriage. Write a reply expressing your inability to attend the function.


2/R Dolly Apartments,

L.B. Akram Street,


8th October, 20_

Dear Radhika,

Thank you for your invitation to the wedding of your elder sister Roxana to be solemnized at Cusrow Baug on 11th November. I am glad that you remembered and invited me for the happy occasion. It has been extremely nice of you to invite me.

I wish I could participate in the function and witness all personally, but I have not recovered completely from my recent illness. Doctors have advised complete rest for at least three weeks. You do not know how bad I am feeling to express my inability to attend your sister’s marriage.

My family joins me in conveying our best wishes to the newlyweds for a long, prosperous and happy married life.

Yours loving friend,

Gitanj ali

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