English Letter “Request for a Charitable Contribution to a Function “. Request Letter Writing Example for Students.

Request for a Charitable Contribution to a Function 





The Manager, 

Rohini Citizen’s Society, 

New Delhi. 


Dear Ms. Ganguly, 

We are organizing a cultural ‘nite’ on 16 Nov. 19… to collect funds for Delhi AIDS victims. A cell has been opened up at All India Medical Institute and heavy finance is required to buy medicines for AIDS victims. The present incidence of AIDS in the capital is an alarming 2000 and many more are testing HIV Positive. 

Some renowned artists of the city have agreed to perform on the ‘nite’ free of cost. The proceeds from audience tickets are expected to come to Rs. 5 lakhs. 

Would you be glad to contribute your talent to this noble cause? If you are willing kindly inform us early. We should let you know the details of the programme and arrange transport for you. 

Thanking you. 

Yours sincerely in a charitable cause, 

Hridaya Narang.


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