Reply to Appease/Placate the Landlord on Vacate the House, Complete Landlord-Tenant Letter Writing Example.

Reply to Appease/Placate the Landlord on Vacate the House.




Dear Ms. Minocha, 

I have received your letter asking to vacate your house. You will Be glad to know that I have already found another house suitable for my purposes of residence cum coaching institute. I was lucky because the landlord of the new house happened to be a teacher looking for someone to run and revitalise his existing sick coaching institute. 

I want to leave your house by the 31st of August 19… Kindly make it convenient to take over the premises on that date. 

I am grateful to you for your patience with me. I realize now that anyone in your place would have lost his temper much earlier. I enclose a cheque of Rs 300/- (Rupees three hundred only) as payment of rent for the last month. 

Do pardon me for any harsh words I might have made to you. I assure you my heart is clear of all grudges now. 

Yours sincerely, 

Anil Shukla.


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