Job Application Example for “Letter of Non-Acceptance of Resignation” Letter Writing Exercise for Students.

Letter of Non-Acceptance of Resignation 




Chief Medical Superintendent, 

Jodadih Hospital for the Blind.


Dear Dr. Panigrahi, 

I am shocked that a mature doctor like you should be perturbed by the professional jealousy of colleagues. The administrations of our hospital are already aware of your unique contribution to the blind and have decided to recommend your name for a national award. 

I, therefore, earnestly request you to withdraw your resignation. The scandal-mongering is a passing phase. We are taking strict action against whoever the instigator of the whole affair is. Do not ruin an excellent career out of emotional stress. You may take a month’s leave to keep away from the disturbance and return when the situation is conducive to you. 

Yours truly, 

Partha Adhikari, 

C.M. Supt. 


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