Suggestion, Advice Letter “Reply by One Who Wishes to be Successful at Party” Letter Writing Example for Class 8, 9, 10, 12 Students.

Reply by One Who Wishes to be Successful at Party





Dear Minoo, 

I always thought you had enough charm and beauty to attract the menfolk around you. But as you say, you are a poor draw as a socialite. This will not do if you wish to get along in life. 

To begin with, you must know that no one is an island. We depend on each other for our survival. At the same time, you mustn’t forget the world is full of ‘sharks’ who want to utilize you for their own selfish motives. How do we strike a balance then? You must break the ice with strangers and don’t worry if they show initial resistance and suspicion. It’s but natural because many have been duped in life. You have to win your way into a person’s heart. 

One way is by showing you care for the person. Give him or her crucial advice in dire need or help out a little speech to the person again and again till resistance breaks down. Such a person is bound to soften one day and help you in return. 

At parties go over to people and begin small talk about their antecedents. Learn to ask questions discreetly. See you don’t tread on someone’s toes unwittingly. Try this to begin with. Your charm will bring you good returns. 

With best wishes. 



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