Write a letter to your mother telling her how you saved the life of a child, English Letter Writing for Class 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 Students.

Write a letter to your mother telling her how you saved the life of a child.


My dear Mom

Today I am writing this letter to relate to you a very happy experience of the day. I hope you would be very glad to know that my scouting classes in school have helped me to save the life of a child today. It so happened that in the morning today I, along with six boys of my hostel, went to take a bath in the river. We saw men, women, and children taking their baths near the banks. A woman was giving her four-year-old son a bath at a little distance from the main ghats. The child suddenly slipped from her hand and was carried away by the current. The woman started screaming but in the noise, her cries were not audible.

The cries suddenly fell on my ear and at once I understood the reason from her raised hands pointing towards the drowning child. It was too much for me and I at once jumped into the river without even bothering to take off my clothes.

There was not much water in the river and the current was also not swift. It was, however, too much for a little child who was being carried away slowly and slowly by the current.

I was swimming swiftly. When I was about to catch hold of the child suddenly I slipped into a ditch. I was about to go down into the water but my scouting spirit came to my rescue and I did not lose courage. I am an expert swimmer. I raised myself from my slip and again dashed towards the child. Soon I was able to catch hold of him. In the meantime, a couple of other swimmers had swum up to me and we were now able to raise the child above the water and bring him back to the bank. The child was unconscious. I gave him First Aid and the water in his stomach was drained out. After some time, the child regained consciousness and his mother heaved a sigh of relief and with tears in her eyes folded her hands before me.

She must be of your age. I told her that it was just my duty. After all it was not for nothing that I had become a scout. The other boys related the incident to my teachers who were very pleased with me. I was praised very much and the Headmaster proposed to give me some reward.

I am all right here. I hope to see you soon during the summer vacations.

Please pay my respects to dear father.

Your loving son


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