English Letter “Reply Letter of Congratulation on Buying a New Car “. Congratulations and Felicitations Letter Writing Example.

Reply Letter of Congratulation on Buying a New Car




Dear Bhabhesh, 

The car was really my wife’s idea. She is the finance officer of the house and she has already done some arithmetic to see how much we’ll save in the next ten years through our car. As for me, I’m going to save on morning rush hour tension to the office. 

At present, I’m learning to drive it under the guidance of an instructor. Today was my first day out on the highway. It’s so scary. Every time I see another vehicle coming from the front, I feel it’s a meteor hurtling towards me. I apply the brakes and my instructor has to take control. When you come over next, I’ll take you around myself. 

Bye for now. 



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