Write a letter to your friend describing your brother’s wedding that he missed due to his mother’s illness.

Write a letter to your friend describing your brother’s wedding that he missed due to his mother’s illness.

66/B Sonam Nivas,

P.K. Arora Street,


16th July, 20_

Dear Mohan,

I hope that your mother is in much better health and spirits. I am also well here. In your letter, I was quite unhappy to learn that you would not attend Rambhaya’s wedding due to yours mother’s ill health. Really when I read the news, I felt very sad.

As you missed the wedding, I am describing the occasion by writing a letter to you. Months before the wedding day, a new spirit had spreaded in my family. Several arrangements were made for the occasion. New clothes were bought and stitched. Our entire house was cleaned and painted. Near and dear ones like you were invited to grace the grand occasion. All come together, blessed the bride and bridegroom and enjoyed. However, I missed you greatly.

On the day of the wedding, all of us were busy in different activities from the early morning hours. Later in the day, Rambhaya accompanied by some close relatives visited bhabhi’s house to perform certain religious ceremonies. Similarly, in afternoon, a small group of women from bhabhi’s house visited our place. Gifts and good wishes were exchanged between both the families.

For the evening procession, daddy had arranged a specially decorated car. Loud songs were played. Bands and drums were beaten. Crackers were burst. All danced. Wedding songs were sung by some of our women relatives.

There was a warm welcome when we reached the marriage hall. At the entrance, certain important rites were performed by bride’s mother. Rambhaya was led to the wedding chair with great honour. Soon the wedding ceremony began. Bhaya sat opposite to the bride and the priest chanted sacred mantras. Little later they went around the holy fire.

In the evening, a grand reception was held. Guests blessed the newly married couple and offered them their love in the form of gifts. All enjoyed delicious food and drink. With the end of the reception, the day that was filled with excitement and joy ended.

I can understand that your mother’s health is your prime concern, but your absence in the wedding made me disappointed. Please pay my regards to aunty and take good care of her. Kindly let us know about her recovery.

Yours affectionately,


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