Write a letter as the Editor, appealing to contribute generously for poor, needy and deprived children.

Write a letter as the Editor of a certain newspaper appealing the readers to contribute generously for poor, needy and deprived children.


Dear friends,

Since two decades, besides spreading important news, we have also rendered service in the field of health, education and welfare. We cater to needy families and work for the well-being of children. We also conduct different social activities such as holiday camps and free distribution of exercise books and stationery, school bags, etc.

Our newspaper also runs work centre where different gift articles, religious products, night lams, etc. are produced. Things are sold at very reasonable rates. Since years, it has also helped the poor and the destitute families to supplement their income as it generates work opportunities for them. We also accept old clothes for distributing them free of cost to the poor.

We hereby make a humble request for your generosity on the festive time of Diwali. Your aid in whatever possible way would go a long way to help us to assist the disadvantaged children. We also request you to pass on this message of social service amongst your relatives and friends.

We look forward to your sympathetic heart to contribute enthusiastically for the benefit of the worthy children. Please draw a check in favour of “ABC Newspaper Chennai A/c. Nurturing Children” and forward to our address.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours faithfully,

Mr T. Ookajee

Sr. Editor

(ABC Infomedia Ltd.)

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