Letter to Editor in Favour of Cable T.V., Complete English Letter Writing Example for Class 9, 10, 12 and College Students.

Letter to Editor in Favour of Cable T.V. 











There is an unnecessary hullabaloo in some sections of our society against cable T.V. programmes. It is claimed that the display of erotic scenes and violence in programmes like The Bold and the Beautiful and in the WWF wrestling matches is having a corrupting influence on our youth. I think this is an exaggeration of sorts.

Was there no erotic display in temple carvings in ancient India? Were people not fond of violent freestyle wrestling in our ‘akhadas’? All these existed for man’s interest in the spectacular display of physical might and will always remain. If the innocent can get some entertainment out of these bouts, there is not much harm. The real harm is in not developing discrimination among children. They must know what is meant only for screen exhibitions and not to be aped in real life. 

Yours etc., 

Frieda Khamma. 


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