Guidelines and Rules to Write a Letters of Congratulation. English Letter Writing for Class 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 Students.

Guidelines and Rules to Write a Letters of Congratulation.


The key to success in writing a letter of congratulation is promptness. Write the letter as soon as you hear the good news and are still filled with the initial pleasure of the hearing of the birth of a child, an engagement, an honour.

We all like to share someone’s good fortune, and for that reason, the letter of congratulation is especially pleasant to write. And it is the kind of letter that goes a long way to making friendships warm and lasting.

Here are some typical reasons for writing a letter of congratulation. A person receives recognition for any achievement, celebrates a birthday, plans an interesting vacation, gets promoted, takes a public stand on an issue, gets a new customer, recovers from a serious illness, has a happy family event, plays a good game of golf, joins a new organization, etc.

A company passes an important anniversary, creates a new product or service, establishes a new policy, gets a new account, lowers or raises prices, runs an interesting advertisement, changes a business policy, designs a new package, takes a stand on a political issue, or joins a trade association.

A few basic rules to remember, aside from the all-important necessity of being prompt, are sincerity, cheerfulness, mentioning the occasion, and in most cases, brevity.

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