Reply of Letter of a Consumer Loan by Bank Manager, Complete Banking Letter Writing Example for Students.

Reply of Letter of a Consumer Loan by Bank Manager.






Canara Bank, 




Ms. Sushmita Sen, 

425, Raja Bagh. 



With reference to your letter dated … I wish to state the loan of Rs 30,000 may be sanctioned to you after the following formalities are completed by you. Please submit : 

1. Estimate of the price of a scooter from the agency you wish to buy the scooter 

2. A letter from your firm where you are employed committing that your salary will be deposited with us. 

3. The loan amount will be deducted in a maximum of 36 installments covering three years. 

The interest payable by you for a consumer loan will be 16 % per annum. The scooter will remain hypothecated to our bank till the loan is paid off completely. 

With best wishes. 


Ananta Swamy, 



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