Letter to Editor in Favour of Nuclear Armament”, Complete Letter Writing Example for Class 9, 10, 12 and College Students.

Letter to Editor in Favour of Nuclear Armament 




The Editor, 

‘Navjyoti Times’, 




Though India has a tradition in ‘Panchild and non-alignment, this does not imply a lack of military preparedness. Military training is useful in keeping our forces disciplined and alert always. Military strength also builds confidence in ourselves and deters the enemy from unwonted aggression. We should, therefore, also build our nuclear might so that Pakistan may think many times before deciding on warfare with us. 

Nehruji and Shastriji both laid great emphasis on keeping our defence forces always in the alert. This was the best way to ensure peace in a savage world where territorial aggrandisement took different channels. For Pakistan, it is a false claim to Kashmir. 

Yours etc., 

P. Thomas. 


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