Office Circular Example for “Against Misuse of Office Hours” Complete Office Letter Writing Exercise.

Office Circular “Against Misuse of Office Hours”



Politburo Enterprises. 


It is noticed consistently that members of the staff are misusing precious hours in the office for gossip and scandal-mongering. This has been noticed by our clients who come to avail of our services. Such behaviour is undignified and brings a bad reputation to our company. Kindly do not talk unnecessarily on personal matters except during lunch break 1-1.30 p.m. Cheap talk must be avoided at any cost within office premises. Smoking at the desk and listening to radio commentaries are not permissible. 

Any refusal to comply with these injunctions in the future will render you answerable and may result in termination. 

Any disrespect to lady colleagues will not be condoned at a cost and will lead to termination of service and whatever legal action is necessary. This is issued for the information of all concerned. 

Sandhaya Reddy. 


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