Negative Reply from Landlord to Tenant for Permission to Sublet, Complete Landlord-Tenant Letter Writing Example.

Negative Reply from Landlord to Tenant for Permission to Sublet.



Dear Mr. Roy, 

I can well understand your wife’s sense of deprivation and loneliness after Rinky’s departure to her in-law’s place. In India, we always consider girls as the valuables of another family. 

You have asked me for permission to sub-let the house. As you know, I never even had intentions of letting out that house to anyone. We never required an extra source of income, being well supplied by the produce of our farms. It was rented to you only because your parents knew mine so well. 

My parents had generally forbidden letting out the house. It was to be kept for our son Ramesh when he got married. But that is another 10 years from now. My parents were literally afraid of tenants, having had too many lawsuits against previous tenants who had ransacked and damaged the property and behaved quite ungratefully. With you, we made an exception. So kindly do understand my inability in the matter. Bhabhiji is most welcome to come and spend time during weekends at my place. My wife misses her a lot. 

With all good wishes, 

Yours sincerely, 

Bidhan Sarkar.


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