Negative reply on Love Letter from fiance (boyfriend) to His Girlfriend’s Father, Complete Love Letter Writing Example.

 Negative reply on Love Letter from fiance (boyfriend) to His Girlfriend’s Father.



Dear Chiranjeev, 

Thank you for your kind letter. I wish to felicitate you for achieving the top position in the coveted examination. It could not have been any easy joke to make it. 

My daughter Sanskriti is not contemplating marriage for another 5 years. She has to finish her Master’s degree in Economics and take up a job in teaching. She wants to be economically independent no matter whom she marries. So I am sorry to disappoint you. With your great talents, achievement, and background you will get offers from numerous girls. All the best Chiranjeev. 

Yours sincerely, 

Col. Gautam Sharma. 


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