Love Letter from fiance (boyfriend) to His Girlfriend’s Father, Complete Love Letter Writing Example.

 Fiance (boyfriend) Writes to His Girlfriend’s Father 



Respected Uncle, 

I wish to introduce myself as Chiranjeev Verma, the boy whose picture forms the centerspread in many news journals last week for having topped in the civil services. I have just finished a round of video interviews for various reporters who barged into my house on 15, Annapurna Road. They will be telecasting the interviews in the national network and on Zee T.V. in installments next month. These contain the story of my determination to fight all odds and reach the top! 

But I did not mean to blow my own trumpet before you. You are an erudite scholar of national repute. Your work on the economies of a developing nation is a hallmark study. In fact, I used it for my IAS mains. My point in writing to you is that I admire your daughter Sanskriti since we were college batch mates. We got along very well in social, intellectual interaction. Her rare qualities of head and heart and her cheerful disposition are prized assets. I wish to offer my hand in marriage to her. 

Uncle, my father is a university teacher in English at Bhopal. He has pioneered the Bhopal Theatre School which won an award for the excellent stage production of Shakespeare plays in Indian languages. They are quite avant-garde and do not consider caste or dowry at all in conjugal negotiations. My sister was married last year to the son of a secretary in the M.P. Government. 

No monetary or commercial considerations were allowed to tarnish the connections. My father is here at home on vacation and would like to meet you since I have expressed my wish to him. Kindly let me know if I have your consent. Sanskriti, as her name rightly means, will bring culture and grace to my living. I shall do all that is possible to keep her happy and to develop her latent talents. 

Yours very truly, 






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