Love Letter example for “Courtship Letter”, Complete Love Letter Writing Example.

Love Letter example for “Courtship Letter”



Dear Narendra, 

I hope you have returned from your foreign service training at the Indian embassy in Bonn. As I do not know where you are posted in Delhi (although I can guess it is in External Affairs Ministry), I am writing this to your home address. 

It is now a year since we both finished at the Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute at Mussoorie. I enjoyed my days in Mussoorie chiefly because I had the company of an intelligent and handsome man like you. Your active participation in the political debates and the athletic contests at the Institute brought special excitement and cheer to everyone around. I am sure you would make a very successful diplomat with your excellent command over the English language and your ability to express matters in so many different shades of meaning. Your multifarious interests can easily win many hearts. 

I belong, as you know, to a family of civil servants. My grandfather, both my parents, and my brother are all in different allied services. They all want that the man who marries me should be a civil servant himself. Since I am an I.F.S. trainee myself, I seek your hand in marriage. We could always arrange to be posted in the same place in the world. Such considerations are made by the Government for the couples. 

Do reply and let me know your views as soon as possible. My parents wish me married by the year-end. 

Yours very lovingly, 

Meera Ahuja. 


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