Letters about the Bank Scam, Complete General Letter Writing Example for Students.

Letters about the Bank Scam 



Dear Ghatak 

You must have been following the Harshad Mehta Bank Scam in the newspapers and the news. I always believe that one has to pay for their sins one day. ‘I’ll get money’ is always a cause for great worry. It would seem from the account of the discovery of the scam that Mehta thought he would go on waxing rich throughout life without being discovered. And then course tell-tale end of a woollen thread the whole cardigan came off loose! 

And what a torture must be the continual interrogations, the lies, the British lie-detector, the arrest of relatives, and the betrayal of big people involved in the crime.

Therefore, as I always maintained, the real rich person is he who never wants or owns. Keep that in mind. 

Yours sincerely, 

Barun Kashyap. 


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