Letter to Principal for Apology, Complete Letter Writing Example for Class 8, 9, 10, 12 Students.

Letter to Principal for Apology 




The Principal, 

Kodaikantl Public School, 



Respected Brother Jacob, 

We are shocked to learn of Anshu’s misconduct and aggressive behaviour at school. It is strange we have not been warned earlier of his activities. It is quite unthinkable that he could behave like this because he is unusually calm and passive at home. I personally beg of you to accept apologies on his behalf. His having to discontinue his education at this critical juncture will ruin his career. No school will admit him now. 

I assure you he will not only become vary quiet but will make amends for his conduct by scoring good marks in his school finals. I shall personally see to this matter. 

With all due respect. 

Pankaj Ahuja. 


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