Reply Letter from Fiance on Break off Engagement, Complete Love Letter Writing Example.

Reply Letter from Fiance on Break off Engagement 



Dear Madhu, 

Your letter was quite a shock to me because I thought your infatuation was such as to blind you to any fault. I did hide the matter of the litigation from you because I did not want to throw cold water on your youthful dreams. Besides, let me reassure you that the lawsuit has been engineered by the Aroras who have a feudal rivalry with us running for two generations. My present achievements in college had whetted their animosity and they conspired to get a vamp to turn complaint against me. They even went to the extent of doctoring photos showing me holding the vamp. 

But I have a strong lawyer and many witnesses and will soon come through clean and acquitted. Bear with me for another month, Madhu. You will be glad to know that I have won a poetry contest which grants me two tickets to return to Britain to be used within a year. Perhaps we might be able to spend our honeymoon on the Thames or by Big Ben 

Yours very sincerely, 



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