Letter to Landlord from Tenant Requests for Repairs, Complete Landlord-Tenant Letter Writing Example.

Tenant Requests for Repairs 



Dear Mrs. Parvati Arora, 

On your last visit to your premises here where our office is situated, we showed you around to see the problems we have been facing for one year. As you Will remember the ceiling leaks badly and the seepage has spread on the walls showing up as ugly patches in many places. In one of the office rooms, it leaked heavily one night and the water-dampened many important documents damaging or blotting out figures. 

We are terribly embarrassed when customers who visit us look around the damp walls with an unmistakable sneer on their faces. Surely, the general ambiance of the office suffers and tells upon our business. 

Kindly allow us to spend Rs 6000/- (Six thousand rupees) on repairs, whitewashing, and then adjust the amount against future rents. Thus, neither will there be a burden on you nor will we have to suffer further. 

Expecting a prompt reply. 

Yours sincerely, Bhanu Prasad Mehta, 

Komko Electronices Ltd, 

Aakash Noor, 

13/A, Shah Jahan Road, 

Bombay – 15. 


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