Positive Reply on Letter from Landlord for Raising Rent, Complete Letter Writing Example for Class 9, 10, 12 and College Students.

Positive Reply on Letter from Landlord for Raising Rent.



Dear Mrs. Bhowmik, 

I received your letter of 16th February, 19… Thank you very much for your kind words and sentiments. After all that really matters in human relations is a durable, stable understanding. The matter of a few rupees should not be allowed to mar and sully cherished relationship. 

As for your request for an increase in rent, I shall be pleased to send you the desired rent from March 19… onwards. Your request comes at an opportune moment for our office is now disbursing us Rs. 250 more as D.A. I shall be glad to know that the enhanced rent has helped you and your daughter who perhaps is now entering college. The education of an only child must be of special concern. 

Thank you once again for your kind words. 

Yours sincerely, 

Kartik Basu. 


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