Letter to Editor on the subject “Telephone Terrorism”, Complete English Letter Writing Example for Class 9, 10, 12 and College Students.

Letter to Editor on the subject “Telephone Terrorism” 





The Editor, 

‘Bombay times’, 




A new species of terrorism is now prevalent in Bombay city. Many young boys ring up girls at their homes and making sure that the voice is not of their parents or elders, utter the most embarrassing nonsense with sexual overtones. From tele-eve-teasing, some have graduated to creating false panic. After obtaining personal details of a family, young hooligans ring up and misinform the listener of some tragedy that has befallen one of their dear ones in a distant corner of the city. The practical joke can mean much in terms of tension, money, and time wasted. Tele-tapping of private conversation’ and transfer on to audio cassette is used to blackmail young lovers into yielding up money to buy drugs. 

Will the authorities do something to stop this menace? Can a device be fitted on phones to record the caller’s number and address? Can the police be signalled at the time of the call to reach the tele-terrorist and nab him? 

Yours etc., 

Kintali Vijaya. 


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