Letter to Editor on “Hooliganism”, Complete English Letter Writing Example for Class 9, 10, 12 and College Students.

Letter to Editor on “Hooliganism”




The Editor, 

‘Nav Kallol,’



In my youth that might have been two decades ago, ‘Holi’ was a festival played with large syringes (‘pichkaris’) and bright green and red coloured water. We used to go out in bands with drums and coax friends out of their homes for their sacred initiation in coloured water. Today everything is in disgrace. Harmful chemicals are mixed with colour to wreak the year’s vendetta. rival gangs with smeared faces clash in the streets. The truly polite gentry keep away from such ‘hooliganism’ 

The government can help to bring back the sanctity of the festival by enforcing strict patrolling on the roads and other deterrent measures. 

Yours etc., 

Bineeta Ahuja.


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