Letter of Recommendation for a Company, Complete Business Letter Writing Example for Students.

Letter of Recommendation for a Company 




The Deputy Director, 

Haryana Housing Co-operative, 

Govt. of Haryana. 



I wish to introduce M/s Aruna Handicrafts (P) Ltd. as the largest and most well-established company manufacturing handicrafts in Haryana. They have immense goodwill in the foreign export market because of the standards in excellence maintained for ethnic handicrafts for two decades. 

I have had the pleasure of doing business with them myself as an importer of their goods in Singapore. I am sure you will find them useful as you contemplate buying in bulk handicrafts to decorate your housing colonies and offices 

Yours sincerely, 

Maitreyi Bakshi 

Nom-Peh Handicrafts Ltd., 

Sridath Road, 


Zip Code 309 

Fax : (01)632-6894 

Phones: 2908-2922 



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