Letter from Landlord Warns Tenant not to Misuse Premises, Complete Landlord-Tenant Letter Writing Example.

Letter from Landlord Warns Tenant not to Misuse Premises. 



Dear Mr. Shukla, 

On my last visit to my house which you are occupying at present, I found the premises in a condition much worse than desirable. I cannot imagine how a teacher of your standing could afford to let your environment deteriorate to this extent. The walls were splattered with betel-nut saliva and an awful stench of wine pervades the backyard. I also learnt from reliable sources that you are holding coaching classes for groups of students at the premises. I would not be surprised if these very students are the cause of the mess I noticed. What is even more exasperating being that the wall in one of the rooms has been used as a blackboard and is covered with charcoal figures. 

A teacher should set an example of cleanliness, not allowing the environment to be misused. Kindly discontinue the coaching classes immediately since you never revealed this as part of your plans when you entered into an agreement as a tenant. This is a serious breach of understanding between us. If you do not comply with the same by the end of the month, I shall ask you to vacate my house. 

Yours sincerely, 

Prabha Minocha. 


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