Letter from Girl’s Father Informs the Police against Boyfriend, Complete Love Letter Writing Example.

Letter from Girl’s Father Informs the Police against Boyfriend.




The inspector of Police, 

Ferozepur Police Station. 



I wish to bring to your notice mat my daughter, Jaya Madhuri is a student of Hans Raj College in this town. For the last one month a group of 5 students have been eve-teasing and pestering her. They gather at the college gate when she is about to leave college and pass indecent remarks at her in front of her other friends. Last week one of the students followed her through a lonely by lane. Since then one of the family members has been escorting her. 

But yesterday, as I was escorting Jaya home, a rowdy pitched a stone on my head wounding me deeply. When I approached the principal of the said college he expressed inability in matters that took place outside the campus. As you will appreciate such a state of affairs is bound to encourage rowdy elements and make education for daughters an impossible affair. 

Kindly arrange to send your staff to investigate the matter and try to nip it in the bud. 

Yours sincerely, 

Krishna Pillai, 

13, Jahanara Street. 



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