English Letter “On the Birth of a Girl Child”. Congratulations and Felicitations Letter Writing Example.

English Letter “On the Birth of a Girl Child”


17 April, 20… 

Dear Meera, 

Congratulations to you for becoming the mother of a bonny girl. The stork has finally been considerate to you. I know you always wished for a boy, but times are changing, Meera. Girls are becoming more popular with parents. The reasons are the social awareness created through media about the equality of the sexes. The world over women are making remarkable strides because discrimination has been weakened. 

Girls are a real solace in old age when boys go away on their ambitious missions and have little time for the ‘oldies’. 

Do write to me from time to time and let me know what advice I can give you as I am a mother now for 10 years! May God bless mother and baby! 

Yours sincerely, 



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