Letter from Father of Girl Warming of Her Boyfriend, Complete Love Letter Writing Example.

Letter from Father of Girl Warming of Her Boyfriend 



Dear Akash Singh, 

My daughter Apsara informs me that you are her classmate at Kiroreymal College. For the past one month, you have been pestering her by forcing yourself on her. You make indecent posses at her whenever there is a lecture break along with a few of your mates snigger at her. 

As you know Apsara is a very coy girl and belongs to a traditional family. She is not at all interested in your advances. In fact, your behaviour is unnerving her and she wants to discontinue her studies. 

If these arguments do not impress you at all and you imagine I am a silly old father rattling on, I shall first contact your college principal’ and then your parents. If that fails to work I am afraid, I shall have to hand you over to the police. As you know there is a very serious punishment for eve-teasing. So do not take this as an empty threat. I am sure you have many other constructive things to do. 

Yours sincerely, 

Keshav Murthy 


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