Suggestion, Advice Letter on “One Selected as a Teacher ” Letter Writing Example for Class 8, 9, 10, 12 Students.

Letter to Friend on Selected as a Teacher 





Dear Madhavi, 

Congratulations on becoming Madam Teacher. Now go on and become the creator of a whole generation of scientists and thinkers. 

As a teacher for primary school children, your responsibilities are formidable. You have to keep the psychology of growing up and early learning in mind. As pedagogists believe it is difficult to know accurately how human learning takes place, but the basics have been charted out by people like Jean Piaget. However, with sound theoretical knowledge as your background, you can make your own assessment in the classroom. Maintain a record of each child’s habits, inclinations, and progress and change your style of teaching to suit their conditions. What really matters is what really works! 

So here’s a challenge for you. It is rightly said that the nation which wants to plan for a hundred years must educate its children properly.

Yours truly, 

Mamta Mukherjee.


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