Job Letter Example for “Intimation of Result (Positive)” Letter Writing Exercise for Students.

Intimation of Result (Positive) 



Dear Mr. Rohani, 

We are pleased to select you for the job of a junior salesman in our company, Ansari Bosch Electricals on the scale 1300-80-3300 with a number of allowances. 

You will have to operate mainly from our head office at 16, Jahangir Road, Meerut. You will be required to visit our prospective clients in towns all over northern India. The company pays only second-class railway fares and bus fares where necessary for official visits. 

If the above conditions are acceptable to you, kindly inform us positively by 6 January, 19… You will have to join by 29 Jan., 19… 

With all best wishes. 

Sushil Rohtagi.


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