Job Application Example for “Application for the Post of Illustrator of Books ” Letter Writing Exercise for Students.

Application for the Post of Illustrator of Books 




The Manager, 

‘The Sun publications’, 

New Delhi. 


Respected Sir, 

I understand you are looking for graphic artists or illustrators for children’s textbooks to enroll on your panel. I should like to offer my services to your company. Kindly consider my rich experience in this line. I have been illustrating textbooks for Frank Bros., Bharati Books, and other publishers for the Iasi ten years. 

I shall be happy to bring along samples of the books I have illustrated. You will be able to see how the books have been illustrated to concretise concepts and aid the cognition of learners in a creative way. 

Kindly give me an opportunity to serve you whenever you require. 

Yours sincerely; 

Reena Jacob, 

‘Mantavya Arts’, 



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