Job Application Example for “Application for Mechanic” Letter Writing Exercise for Students.

Application for Mechanic 






Abu Dhabi. 

Subject: Post of Mechanic 


In response to the advertisement of your company for the post of mechanic in the ‘Employment News’, India of 10 Oct., 19… I wish to submit this application for a mechanic’s job at Abu Dhabi. 

I am at present Foreman of the Kat-Doktor maintenance Centre at Karnal. I have worked here for ten years and have experience with all models -of Indian and imported cars — Maruti, Fiat, Tata Siera, Mahindra jeeps, Toyota, and Mercedes. Although I specialise in engine boring and repair, I have a good knowledge of repairing any part of the vehicles. We are permanently associated with some big business houses in Haryana and are doing repair work for the Government of Haryana staff cars. 

I enclose testimonials of appreciation of my work from the Haryana Minister of Transport. 

I wish to work for you at Abu Dhabi because of the lucrative salary offered. Kindly consider my application and give me a chance to serve you. 

Thanking you. 

Yours sincerely, 

Pir Sahai 


“Kar DoktQr”, 

Lake Road, 



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