Highly Confidential Letter about Employee (Favourable) , Complete Business Letter Writing Example.

Highly Confidential Letter about Employee (Favourable) 




The Chairman, 

State Finance Corporation, 




You have instructed me to send a confidential report about Shri Girija Mandke, Deputy Manager of our company stationed at Aurangabad so that the promotion committee may consider it. Kindly find this report. 

Shri G. Mandke joined service at Aurangabad as Deputy Manager on Jan 20… and has been working here since then. This report is based on his seven years of performance and has been assessed by going through all the files. Shri Mandke is a very competent officer with high integrity and during the first two years of his service excelled and surpassed all his colleagues bringing him credit from me and the general manager. He is particularly efficient in making market surveys to assess the real financial needs of companies applying for a loan. However, his excellent performance excited the rivalry of his colleagues and even of certain higher officials who then began a concerted campaign to denounce him and denigrate his image. There were so many complaints of embezzlement, graft and manipulation reported in 19… and I had to send him on extraordinary leave for a month till the hue and cry died down. From a deep probe into the allegations, I found that it was all a conviction without pith and substance. Since then, Shri Mandke has become withdrawn and aloof and hardly applies himself to any work except the routine. 

In my view, he should be transferred to one of our distant offices on promotion, so that his dormant talents may be fully utilised. I am sending you relevant papers concerning the case described above. 

Yours sincerely, 

R. N. Bhatnagar 

General Manager 

Zone 3 


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