Confidential Report about Employee (Unfavourable), Complete Business Letter Writing Example.

Confidential Report about Employee (Unfavourable) 




The Chairman, 

State Finance Corporation, 




As you have instructed me to send you a confidential report on Shri Girija Mandke, I am presenting it below. 

Shri Mandke joined service under me in 19… and has now put in 7 years of service. Although he impressed the Selection Committee and showed great promise, his performance belied the trust the committee had reposed in him. 

He worked well for one year during the probationary period, but once he was confirmed, he veered to office politics and mustered up a union that consistently put pressure on the establishment to obtain its functioning whenever possible. 

Since then he is a leader of his union and holds many don’ts among the staff. It is often very difficult for hard workers in the environment of threat he has developed. I, therefore, sincerely feel he should be transferred to one of our distant offices if that is feasible. The terms of the acceptance of the post specify that he would be ready to go on transfer to any of our branches after 3 years. So a legal validity exists there. 

Thanking you, 

Yours sincerely, 

R.N. Bhatnagar 

G.M. Zone II 



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