Negative Reply to Appease/Placate the Landlord on Vacate the House, Complete Landlord-Tenant Letter Writing Example.

Negative Reply to Appease/Placate the Landlord on Vacate the House.



Dear Mr. Minocha 

I have received your letter asking me to vacate the house. As you are aware my liabilities are enormous. I have a younger sister and two old parents besides my own immediate family of wife and three children to take care of. I cannot suddenly throw them all out on the street. Besides thirty days is hardly enough time to search for another accommodation in a crowded city. According to tenancy law, a period 60 days is allowed. 

To compound my difficulties is the fact that my sister’s marriage is fixed for the 15th of next month. We have decided to put up our guests in this house. 

You will be glad, however, that I have shut down the coaching, classes in your premises. A dear student of mine has offered to make one spacious room available in his own house on Monaco Road. When I explained my situation to the students and read out your letter, they were co-operative and agreed to have classes postponed. They also went off on a cleaning spree and wiped off all stains from the walls. A visit by you is solicited. 

Kindly withdraw your threat and let me prepare in peace for my sister’s. marriage. 

Yours sincerely, 

Anil Shukla. 


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