Suggestion, Advice Letter “To a Teenager about Dating ” Letter Writing Example for Class 8, 9, 10, 12 Students.

To a Teenager about Dating 




Dear Venkat, 

Yesterday I was delighted to see you in the park with that beautiful girl. I didn’t accost you since it might have embarrassed you or your new friend. 

I am actually nobody to interfere in your personal life, but as one in whom you have always confided, may I have the audacity to warn you as an elder? 

It is a great and nice experience to love another human being. But you should analyse for yourself what attracts you to her? Are you sure she has more than looks? Any permanent qualities which will stand the test of time? Are you dating her only to pass time? Well, then learn from each other’s interests and enrich your lives. 

For heaven’s sake whatever you do, do not have pre-marital relations. It is most degrading. You are wise and will I am sure draw the line in your relationship. 

With best wishes. 

Guru Nath.


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