Condolence, Sympathy Letter “To a Sick Person” Letter Writing Example for Class 8, 9, 10, 12 Students.

To a Sick Person 



Dear Mehtaab, 

I can imagine you looking out of your sickroom window and envying all your friends playing in the fields. It is now a month since you have been bed-ridden and illness for a long time has an effect on our thinking. We are cut off from the normal cares and interests of daily life. Reflection deepens and many times we become philosophers — sickroom philosophers. It is good if this state of mind makes us decide to be better humans when we return to the outside world. We should, however, check any tendency to become gloomy and uncheerful. 

Remember! Your longing to return to schoolmates is a passing phase. Once you are here, you may come across the same exam fever which you dread. So make the best of the isolation. 

I am coming to see you on Saturday with lots of comics. 

Cheer up. 

Yours lovingly, 



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