English Letter “Thanking for Helping in Getting Promotion “. Thanking Letter Writing Example.

Thanking letter for Helping in Getting Promotion 





The Head, 

Department of Botany, 




Thank you very much for strongly recommending my name for promotion as Associate Professor in the North East Hill University. This is the end of a long trying period of ten years in which many juniors have superseded me by using wrong means like string-pulling and by compromising values, with experts of the promotion and selection boards. 

You are the first to recognize any value in my work and I hope I shall prove worthy of your image of me by working harder in the future. 

Kindly accept a complimentary copy of my latest book, “The Plants of the Sub-Himalayan Region.” 

Thanking you. 

Yours sincerely, 

Sushila Yadav.


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