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Dear Barun, 

I knew you would should ‘V’ for victory with Harshad Mehta’s arrest. Khushwant Singh has aptly coined the word to do the ‘Harshad’ to denote a confidence trick. People have delved into encyclopedias to get to the meaning of the word “scam” till now virtually underground. It means a scandal of sorts. 

The IPC report has indicated a great no. of big people—Man Mohan Singh, the Finance Minister for ‘slumbering’, the top-notch of the RBI, and some ministers, one of the P.M’s sons is indicated too. Let’s see what comes of it all. What will the BJP do now? Encash on it? Every day brings great upheavals in politics. I was once ill for a month and cut off from the news. When I returned home I came to know that the old Russia had disintegrated and it was entirely different, a federation of nations! We both have one interest in common discussing politics through correspondence, not at a coffee table! 

Yours sincerely, 


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