English Letter “On the Birth of a Male Child”. Congratulations and Felicitations Letter Writing Example.

On the Birth of a Male Child 



16 Sept, 20…

Dear Rakesh,

We were extremely happy to know that Rakesh Arora Junior has finally stepped into the house. Does he look like a visitor from another planet? 

Now your wife will stop having that inexplicable depression and tantrums. Her time will be filled with the peeking and feeding and playing with the little one. The little one needs full-time attention. Its good Sheeia is on maternity leave. You should also arrange a maid for the housework. 

So all the best, Papa Rakesh! May God bless your little family. 

Yours sincerely, 



Kindly note that we are dealing here With informal letters of congratulations, you can send informal standard greetings through the post and telegraph. 


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