English Letter “Invitation to a House-warming Party”. Formal Letter Writing Example.

Invitation to a House-warming Party.



18 May, 20… 

Dear Mrs. Bhanot, 

You will be glad to know that our new house, “Megha Villa” is now complete and we are shifting tomorrow. As you know the house was the last wish my mother expressed. Although it was begun when she was still alive, it could not be completed in her presence. Perhaps it will now give great solace to her spirit. 

The house is a beautiful double-storeyed one with 5 bedrooms. The sitting room is large and glassed on three sides for the sunlight to pour in throughout the day. There is a garden we have to develop around it. We are throwing a house-warming party on 28 May, 19… and are inviting just our immediate circle of friends at 10 a.m., Sunday. 

Sorry for this short notice, but please put aside all other engagements for that day and come along with your family. We are fixing a barbecue in the warm open. Do give me a line to reassure me. 

Yours truly, 




Chota Simla, 

Simla, H.P. 


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