Write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper on reckless driving.

Write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper on reckless driving.


Harshada Mhaske

210/S Honey Walker Street,


15th November, 20_


The Editor,

The H.M.T. Times,


Subject: Reckless driving.


Respected Sir,

Through public opinion column of your esteemed daily, I wish to draw the attention of the Department of Traffic Police towards reckless driving in the city.

It is high time that appropriate measures must be taken to put a stop to the reckless driving of motor cars and other vehicles in the streets of our thickly populated city. A couple of days ago, an old woman narrowly escaped from being run over by a speeding jeep. She was crossing the street when a jeep passed by a few inches away from her at a speed above hundred kilometers an hour.

Many aged, women and children who try to cross the roads, especially in the early morning hours become victims to such reckless driving. This has caused many deadly accidents. There is no doubt that regulations regarding speed limit do exist, but unfortunately, the drivers pay no attention to it. The police too take little or no notice of these offenders. Therefore, accidents are almost a daily occurrence.

The police must strictly impose the rules regarding the speed limit. The public who are the worst sufferers, must apply pressure over the police and other authorities to put a stop to irresponsible and negligent driving, otherwise this threat will continue leading to more deaths.

Thanking you.

Yours truly,

Harshada Mhaske

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