Write a Letter to your younger brother urging him to read newspapers regularly

Write a Letter to your younger brother urging him to read newspapers regularly.


Dear Kulbir

Your Principal has sent to me your result-sheet for the last house examination. Whereas you have, generally, done well in many subjects. I find that you are very weak in the subject of General Information. Now, this is a serious weakness and it is essential that you make up this deficiency as soon as you can.

Have you not heard of the saying ‘Knowledge is Power’? I am sure you have. In the modern age of science and technology, knowledge enjoys a superior position to physical strength. The man who possesses knowledge is able to understand the various problems of today and to solve them. Knowledge has given us power over Nature and has led to the great progress that science has made.

To be able to make progress in life, it is, therefore, essential for You to know a good deal about happenings in India and abroad. The daily newspaper brings to us fresh news of events in politics, science, commerce, art, literature, and a thousand other fields of activity. National and international events are seen in a new perspective, and we become aware of a new relationship between races, nations, and communities.

Moreover, there are often very good articles in newspapers on important subjects. The magazine sections of Sunday Newspaper are quite instructive, informative, and entertaining.

A good newspaper is the world in miniature as it reports and very often interprets world events. It is, therefore, a powerful instrument of personal education and improvement.

I am sure you would now read some good newspapers like The Times of India and The Indian Express regularly and critically. If you do that you would fare much better in General Information in your next examination.

Yours affectionately


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