Tenant Writes for Permission to Sublet, Complete Landlord-Tenant Letter Writing Example.

Tenant Writes for Permission to Sublet 



Dear Mr. Sarkar, 

Thank you very much for your prompt action in getting the necessary repairs and whitewashing done before my daughter’s marriage. Kinky has now left and the house has a deserted look with my wife and me alone. The extra room which my daughter occupied is vacant and of no use to us. 

My wife badly needs a friend to chat with when I am out on duty. Recently one of my younger colleagues, Shri Asutosh Agrawal, approached me with a request- that I sublet the extra room to him. He was only recently married. I know Asutosh for the last ten years since he has worked as my staff. I can assure you, he is the gentlest of humans I ever came across and has never given me or his colleagues any reason to complain. 

If you permit me, I shall bring the couple along to you this Sunday so that you may reinforce my judgments with your own observations. 

Let me assure you, I shall remain entirely responsible for the upkeep of the sub-letted room and there will be no problems about the rent. 

Thanking you, 

Yours sincerely, 

Ritoik Roy. 


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