Response of Advertisement for Matrimonial Column Ads, Complete Business Letter Writing Example for Class 9, 10, 12 and College Students.

Response of Advertisement for Matrimonial Column Ads




Box 21,, 

New York Times. 



I should like to introduce myself as Shantanu Bannerji I.A.S. I am posted as a Probationary Officer attached to the Deputy Commissioner, Vijayawada Dist. Andhra Pradesh. I am writing to you in response to your ad in the matrimonial column of the Hindustan Times dt… Here are details about me; you may peruse to decide whether I am a suitable match for the lady in mind. 


Age :     28 years

Place of Birth :     Howrah, Calcutta

Parents:                 Mr and Mrs.. Hridayanath Bannerji, My father was a civil servant in the West Bengal Government. He is retired. My mother expired two years ago.

Family:             Two sisters, both married.

Education:         Schooling and College at Presidency, Calcutta. M.A. History, St. Stephen’s, Delhi. Oxford Scholar for one year, UK. I passed the I.A.S. with the 10th rank in 19… I opted for the Andhra Pradesh Cadre. 


Awards:               The Bentham Award for Contemporary Historical Studies from Oxford Univ.

Present Address: Office of the Deputy Commissioner, 

                                P.O. Vijayawada, 

                                Vijayawada Dist., 



I am enclosing two photographs. My height is 5’8″. Hoping to hear from you. 

Yours sincerely, 

Shantanu Bannerji. 



Reply to Response 




Shri ShaAtanu Bannerji, I.A.S., 



Dear Sir, 

Strange coincidence! I am Mitali Chakraborty, your I.A.S. Coursemate of 19… at the Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute at Mussoorie. Now don’t gasp. Your name is unmistakable and tallies with details of your research. That sobre mien in the photos is instantly recognizable. 

Now you know much about me, but for your parent’s sake, here are some details : 

Education: 1) Convent of Jesus and Mary, Delhi I.C.S.E. 

2) Miranda House, Delhi, B.A. English Honours 

I passed the theI.A.S . in the same year as you and opted for Punjab Cadre. A change can be applied for if necessary.

Parents:     Father, Shri Anant Chakraborty is a lawyer at Calcutta. 

Mother is a housewife. 

Family: I have two sisters, three brothers. 




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