Positive Reply on Love Letter example for “Courtship Letter”, Complete Love Letter Writing Example.

Positive Reply on Love Letter example for “Courtship Letter”



Dearest Meera, 

I was contemplating contacting you over the phone when I received your loving letter so full of warm tidings. I cannot describe how elated I am feeling now. 

My sojourn in Bonn was an interesting interlude. I befriended the Germans especially the ‘fraus’ (don’t you be jealous!) by using my smattering knowledge of Deutsch. I enjoyed the ‘Frankfurters’ and ‘Hamburgers’ served at the embassy there. You were posted under training in Delhi itself. I must soon listen to you about your experiences. 

Meera, thank you for appreciating the joie de vivre. I brought to the team at Mussoorie. I recall our good rapport as we drove all over the Mussoorie Hills for outings. I was feeling embarrassed about it but you’re asking me to marry you has done my work for me. I shall be honoured by joining a family of well-known civil servants. I shall be proud of stating that I am married to the granddaughter of the illustrious Kamal as Governor of Karnataka. 

Let me know how we can meet your parents and in return, mine to take their blessings. I am sure we already have their assent. 

Yours very truly, 




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