Office Circular on “Instructing Staff to Pool Conveyance to Office” Complete Office Letter Writing Exercise.

Circular Instructing Staff to Pool Conveyance to Office 



In response to the nationwide request made by the Ministry of Energy Conservation, it has been decided to pool the resources of the car services being used for the class I employees (Deputy Director and above) in our organisation. Therefore, we shall be using only five cars to pick up the twenty class I officers from their residence in different parts of the city and bring them to the office and take them back after office hours. This shall not, however, apply to the Chairman of the company who is still entitled to a separate official transport. 

I hope everyone will co-operate in this matter. The modalities for the new arrangement will be chalked out by the company Transport Manager, Shri S.C. Shukla. 

This notice issues w.e.f. today. 

Yours sincerely, 

V.K. Bhargava. 



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