Love Letter of Courtship, Complete Love Letter Writing Example.

Letter of Courtship 



Dearest Ragini, 

You will feel pestered, I am, sure to receive a letter upon letter every week from a suitor. The truth is that you have become part of my being with every breath I must think of your grace, charm, and heavenly beauty. 

I remember the last meeting we met at the Students Reunion at the Gymkhana Club. You flashed a row of pearls as you smiled and your grace in that azure-coloured semi-transparent saree was becoming of a goddess. Your verbal intelligence, your mischievous repartee in combating my light-hearted banter really took my heart away. You have a gentle chiding manner when you don’t approve of something and that has the effect of setting right a derailed person without bruising him. 

As you know and I have briefed you, my family is a simple traditional one. It needs a woman about the house who can set everything right. I don’t need a make-up fashion doll without virtue who would soon go sick of all of us. Ragini dear, you are meant for me. 

If it is not inconvenient for you I can approach your parents this Saturday evening and propose my hand in marriage with you.

I do not and cannot expect a `no’ from you, Ragini. 


Yours very sincerely, 



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